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Our new year 2 topic is Bounce.

Here are a few ideas for Homework.


  1. Design a new kit for your favourite sports team.
  2. Ask your family who their favourite sports team is and record your findings.
  3. Plan a weekly excercise routine with or for your family.
  4. Create a new game idea and write your own rules for this game.
  5. A ball is a sphere shape, can you find more objects around your house of the same shape?.
Fun facts!
  1. Football is the most watched sport in the world.
  2. Golf balls can reach a speed of 170 miles per hour.
  3. cricket balls are made from corkcovered in leather panels.
  4. Olympic gold medals are made from mainly silver but covered in a gold plate.
  5. The Jumping spider can jump 100 times its own body length.


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