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Shopping Week

This week we learnt all about going shopping.

We wrote a shopping list to take with us on our visit to asda.
We had to buy all the ingredients to make
biscuits for Mrs Conway.
We all had a great time looking around the isles
finding all the items on our shopping list.

We also had our own Asda role play.
We learnt how to pay for items in the shop using 1pence and 2pence coins.


Picture 1 RH
Picture 2 RH
Picture 3 RH
Picture 4 RH
Picture 5 RH
Picture 6 RH
Picture 7 RH
Picture 8 RL
Picture 9 RL
Picture 10 RL
Picture 11 RL
Picture 12 RL
Picture 13 RL
Picture 14 RL
Picture 15 RL
Picture 16 RL
Picture 17 RL