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During this week we will learn:


  • Deduce Hindu artefacts.

  • Know the symbols of Hinduism and their meaning.

  • Know the meaning of different festivals; in particular Diwali.

  • To be able to recall the story of Rama and Sita.

  • To relate emotions in the story with their own experiences.

  • To learn about Hindu worship rituals.

  • To explain what a shrine is, along with a puja plate.

  • To know the purpose of a Mandir.

  • Knowledge and understanding of life in a Hindu Family.

  • Know about the Hindu god Ganesh; the story behind the elephant headed god.

  • Look at simple Hindu art and to explore the simple patterns and how they are used.




  • “It is important for us to learn about different religions because we have a better understanding of what others believe in, I enjoyed learning about how other people celebrate in another parts of the world. My favourite part was learning about the Hindu god Ganesh and his story behind the elephant headed god

  • Roxanna 3S