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Year 3

St Anne's is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Please take a look at photos from our collective worship sessions in Year 3 and assemblies.

Some of the themes and topics we have looked at include:
- 'Little Way' Week: doing 'little thing' to help others
- Love and friendship
- Using our talents for God
- Different faiths: comparing similarities and differences
- Manners and politeness
- Creating class prayers for the focal point prayer box
- Saint Francis of Assisi
- Forgiveness and Compassion (with a visit from Deacon Stuart)
- God being with us in good times and bad
- All souls and Remembrance

Please also find photos of some of our 'I wonder' questions - this is where we pose a question and discuss it as class, sharing our opinions and beliefs on the topic. Some of these have included:
- I wonder what little things we can do to make God happy?
- I wonder what our loved ones would thing of us looking down from heaven?
- I wonder what I would ask Jesus if I met him today?
- I wonder, does Jesus love everybody equally?
- I wonder how we can be more like Jesus?
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