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Who's Who

St Anne's is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mr Busst Inclusion Support
Picture 2 Mr Morris Inclusion Support
Picture 3 Mrs Heapey Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 4 Mrs Humpherston Teaching Assistant Early Years
Picture 5 Mr Linehan Assistant Head and Teacher Year 6
Picture 6 Miss Nolan Year 2 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Hill Manager - Angels
Picture 8 Miss Sherlock Teaching Assistant Reception
Picture 9 Mrs McGuire Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs Stokes Assistant Manager- Angels
Picture 11 Mr Slattery Site Manager
Picture 12 Mr Bignall Yr 6 Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Evans Yr 5 Teacher
Picture 14 Miss McKnight Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 15 Miss Watson Teacher Year 3
Picture 16 Miss L Holyland Teacher Year 1
Picture 17 Mrs Nash Child and Family Worker
Picture 18 Miss Wicketts Yr 4 Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs Hennesey Teaching Assistant Year 3
Picture 20 Mr Holmes Yr 1 Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs Cope Deputy Headteacher
Picture 22 Mrs Lewis Teacher Reception
Picture 23 Mrs Lynch Cleaner
Picture 24 Mrs Malone Teaching Assistant Year 4
Picture 25 Mrs McGann Teaching Assistant Year 5
Picture 26 Mrs Mills Part-timeTeacher Year 6
Picture 27 Mrs Morton Inclusion support-Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 28 Mrs Neild Teacher Year 5
Picture 29 Mrs Pierce cleaner
Picture 30 Mrs Ratheram Teaching Assistant Yr 2
Picture 31 Mrs Southall Teaching Assistant Yr 6
Picture 32 Mrs Taylor Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 33 Mrs Wallace Clerical Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs White Teaching Assistant Year 2
Picture 35 Mrs Woolman Assistant Head Teacher
Picture 36 Mrs Woolley Support Assistant
Picture 37 Mrs Bailey Teacher
Picture 38 Mrs Callaghan Cleaner
Picture 39 Mrs Metzger Yr 6 Teacher
Picture 40 Mrs Freeman Kitchen Assistant
Picture 41 Mrs Hunter Teaching Assistant Reception
Picture 42 Mrs Phelps Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 43 Miss Cartlidge Teaching Assistant Reception
Picture 44 Miss Earl Inclusion Support Worker
Picture 45 Miss S Holyland Teacher Reception
Picture 46 Miss Loughran Teaching Assistant
Picture 47 Miss Shaw Teacher
Picture 48 Mr Shannon Deputy Headteacher
Picture 49 Mr Woolley Cleaner
Picture 50 Mrs Ballard Teaching Assistant Nursery
Picture 51 Mrs Beagrie Bursar- Office Manager
Picture 52 Mrs Bethell Teaching Assistant Year 5
Picture 53 Mrs Cartlidge Cook
Picture 54 Mrs Conway Headteacher
Picture 55 Mrs Dagnall Teaching Assistant Yr 4
Picture 56 Mrs Goater Teaching Assistant Year 6
Picture 57 Mrs Goldingay Luchtime Supervisor
Picture 58 Early Years Phase Leader-Nursery Teacher
Picture 59 Mrs Hayfield KS1 Phase Leader-Year 2 Teacher
Picture 60 Mrs Hewitt Cleaner
Picture 61