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Our Lady And All Saints MAC


Nursery Catholic Life


St Anne's Mission Statement

Each one of us is unique

Each one of us is special

Because we are created by God’s love.

May God’s love shine on our lives as we

CARE and SHARE and LEARN together.





In Nursery we say our 'Daily Offering' prayer. 

We are learning to make the Sign of the Cross.  

We listen to stories from the Bible.




Oh my God I give to you,

All that I think and say and do.

All my work and happy play,

I offer to you my God today.




Collective Worship

The children enjoy preparing the focal point for collective worship.  Our collective worship includes stories from the Bible, other stories, songs, prayers and reflection.










We have enjoyed saying thank you prayers in the prayer garden.







The children have been learning all about Baptism. They know that water is a symbol of Baptism. They experienced playing with water.The children dressed up as a priest and poured water over the babies head.  They said "I name you..." and were able to give the baby a special name. 



Baptism Role Play


The Nativity

The children were able to show off their many talents when performing in the ABC Nativity.  The children were all very confident and amazed their families with how well they performed.  The children used the story, songs, actions and props to help them recall and talk about key parts of the Nativity story.  



Half Term Virtues

Each half term at St Anne's we work hard to demonstrate and celebrate our Gospel Virtues: