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Real Life Stories of Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Seeking Refuge Julianne's Story

Julianne's Story is an animated short about a young girl and her reunion with her mother, after being separated during a difficult migrant journey from Zimbabwe to the UK. Commissioned by The BBC, Julianne's Story is part of the Seeking Refuge series, produced to educate viewers on the struggles of young people forced into the refugee crisis.

Unfairy Tales: Malak and the boat | UNICEF

7-year-old Malak fled with her family from war-torn Syria and braved a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. "I had a lot of friends, now there is no one left," Malak says.

Kids, refugees, questions: 'What is it like to have no home?'

British children and child refugees ask and answer questions about the refugee crisis. The Guardian and Observer charity appeal 2016 is supporting the work of three charities working with refugee children. This year more than 90,000 children have travelled alone, fleeing war and destitution, across Europe.

North Star Fading

This 'zoom comic' is inspired by the true testimonies of 4 Eritrean refugees who fled their homes to make the dangerous journey across Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya to Europe. This video contains images of conflict that some might find distressing.