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I wonder questions

Here is a selection of some of our 'I wonder' questions - this is where we pose a question and discuss it as class, sharing our opinions and beliefs on the topic. Wondering is a part of one of Virtues of being Curious and Active.


I wonder... what it means to be Elequant and Truthful.



I wonder... if it is easy to commit to an Advent promise.



I wonder... what the Garden of Eden looks like.


I wonder... how I would describe Jesus


I wonder... how can I be more like Saint Therese of Lisieux



- I wonder... how we can be more like Jesus?

- I wonder... what our loved ones would think of us looking down from heaven?

- I wonder... what I would ask Jesus if I met him today?

- I wonder... how is Jesus presence recognised today?


- I wonder... what little things we can do to make God happy?