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First Holy Communion


We are proud and honoured to present you with your very own, personal Gold memory book for the preparation of your First Holy Communion. Over the coming year, there will be many opportunities for you to fill the pages of this special keepsake with memories, experiences, reflections, prayers and much more. Through this, you will create a momentous memory book that you can treasure for a life time. 


Reflecting on the Sacrament of Baptism:

Baptism Day

  • The date of your Baptism

  • Age at which you were Baptised

  • Baptismal certificate

  • Who are the God parents and why were they chosen?

  • photographs of the celebration

  • Thoughts/ reflections of the day including; who was there, why was the Baptismal name chosen, the name of the priest and the church, celebration afterwards? etc.

    Baptismal Candle

  • Talk and write about the significance of the candle.

  • Create a collage of, or draw a Baptismal candle.

    Family experiences of Baptism

  • Reflect, talk and write about the Baptismal days of other family members.

  • Record family member’s recollections of your Baptismal day.

    Bible Stories:

  • Pick a Bible story (such as the story of John the Baptist, baptising Jesus) and talk about how this links to the Sacrament of Baptism and what it means to you.

    Matthew 3:13-17 John the Baptist Baptising Jesus

    Luke 3:21-22 John the Baptist Baptising Jesus

    A prayer of thankfulness and asking: