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Autumn One

The grammar of our first language is learnt naturally and implicitly through interactions with other speakers and from reading. Explicit knowledge of grammar is, however, very important, as it gives us more conscious control and choice in our language. Building this knowledge is best achieved through a focus on grammar within the teaching of reading, writing and speaking.

In year one, children learned the terms and application of:

letter, capital letter word, singular, plural sentence punctuation, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark.


Now in year two, we build on this learning this half term with:

noun, noun phrase, compound noun


Noun A word used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things ( common noun )

Proper noun  A noun that names a particular person, place, or thing "Tom," "Birmingham," and "Friday" are proper nouns

Compound noun: A noun made up of two or more existing words, e.g. football or playgroup.