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Online Safety

Working together to help keep children safe online

At St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, we believe that "each one of us is special and each one of us is unique". This is a key part of our mission as a school and helps us all to recognise our ability to face new challenges with new skills and knowledge. As a school community, it is also important to recognise and be alert to the dangers that are posed online. It is also important to act upon and minimise the risk of potential harm online and be able to offer support to children and families in line with the guidance set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 and other supporting documents. These help to form our policy and procedures in how we aim to tackle the challenges that we all face when engaging with modern technologies and online platforms as part of an ever-changing online world. 


We ensure that pupils are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help keep safe online. This forms an essential component of our Computing curriculum. However, our approach towards keeping safe online extends beyond our curriculum. We are aware that children can be vulnerable and may expose themselves to the potential dangers of using the internet, both knowingly and unknowingly at times. The risk of entering a potentially dangerous online forum for a child is far higher is both the child and family are unaware of those potential dangers and pitfalls online. 


Online Safety is taught explicitly to all children through the Computing curriculum. This is delivered - age-appropriate - to all children and regularly revisited and discussed as part of our on-going awareness of e-safety and our rapid response to any new concerning trends online, whether this be through new and updated APPs (Applications) or social media platforms which may pose a risk to children when using them. 


At St. Anne's, we firmly believe that by working together, we can minimise the risk of harm online for any child in our school community. We also aim to embrace the new challenges of the evolving on-line world and, in turn, maximise its benefits too. This is through a variety of means, including using modern technologies and APPs in order to model appropriate use. In addition to this, our own internal internet access is carefully filtered to ensure that any activity on our school network 


Within this section of the website, you will be able to find useful links, resources and material as further guidance and support to help keep your child safe online. 


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