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At St Anne’s we teach grammar throughout the school day through verbal modelling by practitioners within every interaction. Additionally we expose children to a rich variety of grammatical structures through our reading curriculum.
Grammar teaching is built into Talk for Writing and Writing Revolution lessons.
Feedback is used to address any grammatical errors both orally and in writing within lessons.
Misconceptions in the use of grammar in cross-curricular writing will also be addressed through feedback between teacher and child.
Grammar is taught through expert oral modelling and the ShREK conversation model to repeat and ‘up-level’ a child’s verbal contributions.

Children receive a weekly teaching of Grammar using Collins Connect Reading House resource and regularly retrieve their grammatical knowledge. This is in line with the NC POS for grammar.

Primary Grammar Guides - Help for Parents and Pupils

A useful glossary for parents and pupils of the grammar and punctuation terms that children will encounter in both KS1 and KS2. There is a pack for each year group, that includes what will have been taught in previous year groups. There is also an extra Year 6 SATs revision guide.

A link to a parent-friendly website, explaining all of the grammar and punctuation terminology that primary school children need to know.