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Our school uses the Diocesan virtues and we have a new virtue to share and reflect upon every half term.

Children that are seen to be showing this virtue regularly are rewarded with a certificate at the end of each week and an overall winner of the half term receives a medal for their outstanding display of the Virtue.



The Virtues so far this year have been…



Eloquent & Truthful





“Eloquent and Truthful are really important virtues to have because eloquence is to speak clearly and show respect and truthful means not to lie but to always be honest; these things help us to be a better person”

Amazing- Class 3OR

Learned & wise




“Learned and Wise are really important Virtues to show because it means that you’ve learnt by your mistakes, be kind and patient, and you can set an example to others, this is important because it helps us to become teachers to children who are younger than us”

Vernice- Class 3S