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Our Lady And All Saints MAC


During our collective worship today the children talked about what generosity means and how we can show generosity every day.

The children talked about how the joy of heaven is given to us out of Gods generosity and how God wants us to be generous too. They explained this by telling the class that we can show this every day and not by possessions and giving something to someone, but with our time and love.


These are some of the questions the children asked.

Can you remember a time at home, at school or in the community when you have been generous or when you have given something without expecting anything else in return?

Been generous is someone who is willing to share and put others needs first. How do you feel when you have been generous to someone or when they have been generous to you?


In our geography lesson we have been learning all about Fairtrade and how important it is for people to be treated fairly, this is how Jesus wanted us to be and how we can follow in Jesus footsteps, we are unique and special and deserve to treated fairly.


Gospel reading (Matthew 20:1-16)




Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your generous love. Please help us to grow generosity and to do your work in the world with a loving and generous heart.