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Resources from Kenelm Youth Trust:
“How to pray” – video series. Each Wednesday, a new video will be released that focuses on a particular prayer or form of prayer. The first link is the Our Father (link below) and throughout May there will be other videos linking to the Hail Mary and the Rosary (amongst others.) Each week, the video will be shared via the @StAnnesCP Twitter account and then the links will be added each subsequent week to the overview.
Video One: YouTube: - The breakdown of the Our Father.

Weekly Worship: There will also be a weekly livestream on YouTube and Facebook starting each Wednesday at 11am. “Wednesday Worship” is an opportunity to join in prayer, learning new songs and immerse in a creative prayer experience via social media.

Social Media Accounts for Kenelm Youth Trust: Instagram: @Soli_kyt Facebook: solikyt YouTube: