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What is God calling you to do?

Each one of us is unique; each one of us is special.





An important part of Catholic Life at Saint Anne’s is thinking about what God is calling us to do. We ask ourselves throughout the year, what can I do to be more like Jesus? and how can I share this to the world?


Here are some of our thoughts and answers to these questions.





God is calling me to spread his word by sharing the word of God and sharing the gospel. I will pray to God every day, I will also follow in Jesus footsteps by caring, sharing and helping others if they are hurt or in need.

God is calling me to show love to be honest, generous, loving and trustworthy.

Harrison- Class 3OR



God is calling me to spread his word by following our school virtues and to follow in his footsteps by sharing his stories from the bible.

God is calling me to show kindness, eloquence, and to be truthful. God wants me to show love and to be generous to everyone.

Georgia- Class 3OR