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Special Educational Needs and Disability SEND



Each one of us is unique

Each one of us is special

Because we are created by God’s love.

May God’s love shine on our lives

As we care and share and learn together.

At St Anne’s Catholic Primary School we are passionate about ensuring that the learning environment is inclusive and meets the needs of all of our pupils. Our school Mission Statement underpins our whole school approach to celebrating what unites us all but also what makes us unique and special.

Careful consideration is given to the curriculum in order to maintain high aspirations and expectations for all learners whilst ensuring that the right support and scaffolding is in place so that success is achieved by all.

We have a strong focus on preparing pupils for new learning and do so through a range of strategies including formative assessment, pre-teaching and using our knowledge of each and every child when planning interventions to give opportunities for overlearning. Targeted interventions are chosen carefully to maximise impact on pupil progress.

We use our positive partnerships with external agencies effectively to ensure that the graduated response is followed consistently for all pupils and advice given from professionals is acted upon.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at St Anne’s. We have a strong, experienced team who provide staff with regular CPD opportunities so that they can ensure that the curriculum on offer is appropriate and responsive to the needs of all learners.

Staff are approachable and care for the children and the community that we serve. Families are at the heart of SEND provision and the voice of each parent is highly valued and sought regularly throughout the year as we value them as partners in their child’s learning.


St-Anne's is proud of the high quality teaching and learning in place, quality first teaching based on current research and the EEFs Five a Day approach is the foundation of our SEND offer. Our staff are highly trained with a regular cycle of CPD linked to Special Educational needs and the latest research, so that children who need additional support can have their needs met by the adults that know them best and teach them every day.

Some of the CPD accessed this academic year have been; 

- Trauma Informed practice- Educational Psychology

- Attachment awareness training- Educational Psychology

- Emotion Coaching training- Educational Psychology- Summer term

- Speech and Language training- SISS SLCD team

- ADHD training- National college with further training being delivered by the ADHD Foundation in two twilights in the Summer term

- Adaptation examples and strategies woven through subject specific training to constantly reflect current best practice


- Sensory Circuits


- Colourful semantics refresher

- Bucket time refresher


I have a concern about my child’s SEND needs/provision, who is my first point of contact?

In the first instance always contact your child’s class teacher if you have any questions/concerns regarding your child’s SEND needs or provision. All teachers are teachers of SEND. They are trained in providing for the needs of children with SEND and are responsible for the progress and attainment of every pupil in the class. They know your child best.

Following discussion with the class teacher, if there are still concerns with your child’s progress, behaviour at home, social skills etc, the Phase Leader will be consulted for further advice.


When is an escalation to the SENCO required?

Escalation to SENCO is only required when additional specialist advice is required following the involvement of the class teacher and the Phase Leader.


When will external agencies be consulted?

Specialist agencies will be consulted if further specialist advice is needed.


The predominant role of the SENCO is to co-ordinate provision and to be a source of more specialist advice and guidance.


Teachers and Phase Leaders are the main source of contact when discussing your child’s SEND needs.


Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs S. Mansell and she can be contacted via the school office by telephoning the school office or alternatively email

SEND and Inclusion Policy