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Our Lady And All Saints MAC

Year 3


Welcome to Year 3’s Catholic Life at St Anne’s School.


 " Each  one  of  us  is unique, each  one  of  us  is  special"


Our Class Saint

St. Vincent de Paul


Feast Day – 27th September

“We should spend as much time in thanking God for his benefits as we do in asking him for them.”
— St. Vincent de Paul


St. Vincent was born in Ranquine, France, the son of a peasant farmer. He was able to study and become a priest in 1600. He was traveling by sea when Barbary pirates captured him; he survived two hard years as a slave, but escaped to Rome and later, Paris. It was there that he met Cardinal Pierre de Berulle, who influenced Vincent to devote his life to charitable works.


He established organizations of men and women to provide aid to the poor and sick. He depended on the donations of the wealthy, who made it possible for him to found hospitals and an orphanage. He founded the Sisters of Charity, the first congregation of women to care for the sick and poor outside of the convent. During Vincent’s life, the Vincentians increased in number and spread across the world.


   On this page you will see pictures of our collective worship sessions, our wonderful Religious Education work, displays and also our themed weeks.

Some of the themes and topics we have looked at include:

- 'Little Way' Week: doing 'little thing' to help others
- Love and friendship
- Using our talents for God
- Manners and politeness
- Creating class prayers for the focal point prayer box
- Our Class Saint - St. Vincent de Paul
- Forgiveness and Compassion 
- God being with us in good times and bad


Here is what a focal point in Year 3 will look like. This is the centre of our classroom and a place where we can share our own private intentions, read one of our year group prayers or take a moment to reflect on our own day.